Kids Balancing Stepping Stones



The Kids Balancing Stepping Stones will help your kids build confidence in balance and coordination. The stepping stones also teach the kids to determine distance and height. The kids balancing stepping stones vary in steepness and difficulty. Each stepping stone has rubber footings which will prevent slipping. By jumping from stones to stones the kids will train and build important muscles used for stability. The Kids Balancing Stepping Stones is a set of 6 balancing stones which includes 2 small stones, 2 large stones and 2 extra large stones. The stones are durable and stackable for easy storage. They can be used for indoor/outdoor activities. You can arrange the stepping stones in many, many combinations to create lots of fun obstacle courses or games such as follow the leader, the lava game, counting or color identity. The Kids Balancing Stepping Stones are suitable for non-smooth surfaces like carpet and grass.