Musical Sets for Toddlers



Want to get your toddler interested in music? Try our Musical Sets for Toddlers. The set includes 15  types of a 22 piece musical toy set:  1 clapper, 1 wood sounder, 2 wrist bells, 1 xylophone, 2 maracas, 1 tambourine, 1 triangle with stick, 1 bird whistle, 4 shaker eggs, 1 trumpet, 2 castanet, 1 rainbow bell stick,  1 face bell, 1 rainbow column and 2 handle sleigh bells.  Musical Sets for Toddlers will help learn  tones, volumes and different rhythms. Musical Sets for Toddlers  is made from non-toxic material. Comes with a convenient carrying bag. Great for carrying the musical instruments or toys. Musical Sets for Toddlers is a great way to build your toddlers hand eye coordination, their fine motor skills and parent child relationship. Great for pre-school boys and girls.